What banks in Nerja don’t charge at ATM machine

In Nerja you will find bank ATMs, euronet ATMs, banca march ATMs, ing ATMs and more bank ATMs.

Banks do not charge commissions to their customers. If you are a customer of another bank. The bank in Nerja will charge you commissions.

When we change money in a bank or the bank offers us local currency. It tells us that it does not charge commissions because the exchange rate is higher and the commission is included in the exchange rate.

The best option to buy is to pay with your card and your bank in your country will make the real change or conversion to euros.

All banks and ATMs installed in shops charge commissions. There are some ATMs that charge fewer commissions and other ATMs that do not charge their clients commissions.

Check the conditions of your bank card and the agreements and collaborators of your bank with ATMs in Spain.

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